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    Page slider for website?


      I'm fairly new at web designing and dreamweaver but I've spent a lot of time learning by trial and error. I made a homepage for my own personal website and I want to add the feature where when you click a link, such as enter, the page either folds in the middle, giving the feeling of two door opening together or simply slides off to the left. I've seen it on several websites and I would love to try it. I've done some research, but I haven't found anything that is too helpful. I am aware that this may cost me $, I would just like more info on what is the best route I need to be taking to accomplish something like this! Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          HTML alone does not provide any way to do what you're asking for.  You would need advanced coding skills with CSS and jQuery.  I don't think you're ready for that leap yet.


          That said, learning code fundamentals is hard enough without falling into the gimmick trap.  Splash or intro pages are a definite no, no.  Don't waste your most precious piece of web real estate (your domain home page) on unnecessary junk & gimmicks.  


          Focus on giving your audience good, compelling, keyword rich content.  That's what drives traffic to web sites and keeps people coming back for more.



          Nancy O.