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    how do you have specific buttons call up animations and make previous animation reverse/rescind?

    Mike Dubbzz Level 1

      So I  will start off by listing my experience: adobe photoshop, flash, aftereffects, dreamweaver. I additionally have an experienced understanding of html and css with a  basic (yet growing) understanding of javascript.


      So I am working on a fully interactive website for a client who does stage lighting and production. My layout is  rendering of a stage which has curtains, spotlights, a backdrop, and a video screen rendering (there is no video footage just text) What I am trying to make occur is that different actions occur depending on what the user selects. For instance if they select the about button the curtains pull back and the screen subsequentially rises to display text. If the user pickthe contact button I would like the aforementioned video screen to submerge and after this I would like the spotlights to come on  and hightlight the contact info and so forth. I have all the animations laid out on the main timeline and also I converted the buttons to symbols and have each desired animation laid out in their respective sub stages. I'm not sure if I needed to do that but am lost. Please help.