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    How can I get my adobe ID associated with adobe digital editions after it has been installed???


      Im having trouble and getting no help with this. Adobe made me put my question here and refused to allow me a live chat because adobe digital editions is a free product. so here goes. make me regain my faith in adobe, someone, please.

      I have adobe digital editions installed on my computer. my OS is windows 7. When i installed it, i did not have an adobe ID. I now have one. Digital editions will not let me associate it with the program, therefore rendering it unable to share my ebooks on my computer with my phone, which is activated with my ID.

      another troubleshooting "expert" told me to uninstall it and reinstall it, and adobe should ask me again if i want to sync my ID with it. however, it did not. thrre is no option for it, and i dont know what else to do. i want my books on my phone, and so far, the people at adobe have been no help.