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    Changing the display name of project file folders for TOC


      I'm interested in changing the display names of the project file folders for my TOC. For example, I want to name the folder "01-intro" so that it is short and lowercase. But I'd like the TOC to say "Introduction to the System." I know I can manually rename the folder in the TOC either through its properties or by right-clicking => Rename, but I auto-create the TOC occasionally and I don't want to have to rename every folder every single time.


      Does anyone know if there is a way to set a persistent property for the folder so that its display name in the TOC is different? I am using RoboHelp 9. I saw an option called "Detail" in the properties of the WebHelp layout in RoboHelp 8 that seems like it may have done that, but I no longer see this property in RoboHelp 9.


      Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thank you.