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    Batch export text from multiple Indesign files, applying <em> and <strong> tags

    NUVART Level 1

      Hi there,


      I am struggling for a while now with the following workflow:


      batch exporting all text (text only) as plain text, from multiple Indesign files, applying <em> and <strong> for all the bold and italics (for instance: Molluptas verion <strong>nossum</strong> idist <em>doluptatet</em> maiorerum quiaspienit, cum erferiosapis eos expe nonsequas verumquae dolor sim eos doluptatiur autet lab idicili beatum deliquat).


      Properly tagging the styles, will be too time consuming, as these documents are as old as 1998, have inconsistent untagged styles; it will mean to manually open up each file, assign tags for all styles (not to mention that might be some local overwrites).


      This task is necessary to have all the archive, available on wordpress website.


      Any feedback would be much appreciated it.