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    Lock or separate timeline PrE 11

    P1965 Level 1

      Apologies if this has been asked before. 


      Often I want to add an image, video and or audio to the timeline, so I just split it where needed by selecting whatever needs to move that follows it, and drag it back, which creates a gap to drop it in.  Typically this part itself works with no problem.  However, when resising (editing) the new media added, all that is chronologically behind it moves with the sizing and occasionally unsyncs the viideo & audio creating a headache to fix.


      So, question is ......

      Can portions, or separated timeline areas be locked in place, or somehow left alone and separated by the area being worked on  (Ie; be locked in place till later)



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If you hold down the Ctrl key (Cmd on a Mac) as you add, remove or trim a clip on the timeline, the timeline will not "ripple" or move the other clips.

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            P1965 Level 1

            Great, will give that a try... Thank you! 

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              As Steve points out, the Ctrl/Cmd modifier key is probably just what you want. By default (without a modifier key), PrE will cause all material to the right, Ripple and move. This can become a real issue, if one has added, say a music Track, as it will get split and moved too.


              Also, remember that one can have Video (or Stills, etc.) on more than one Video Track. The upper Clip will be the one that is seen, unless it has "holes" in it, or has less than 100% Opacity. If what you want is a Clip (or other Asset) to essentially "replace" existing footage, there is no need to Cut, or Insert. Just place that Clip on a higher Video Track, and IT will be what is seen - no Ripple, etc., and the music Track is not affected in any way.


              Unfortunately, PrE does not allow for the Locking of a Track, as PrPro does. That would solve the music Track issue. For that reason, I will only add my music, after all Video has been edited completely. However, I do not do anything remotely like a music video in PrE, so my workflow is easy. Track Locking has been a feature that I have requested, from the first day that I used PrE.


              Good luck,