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    Canon CR2 raw images are forcibly cropped by Camera Raw


      I posted this on the Photoshop Discussion as I did not realise that Camera Raw has its own - sorry folks!


      Camera raw is cropping my cr2 images even after I have removed the crop in DPP (Digital Photo Professional - Canon's own raw editing software). I have many images cropped by a Canon 5D3 as it forces a 16:9 crop when you take a still while in video mode. The rest of the data is in the raw file, but this is not read by Camera Raw which forces the 16:9 crop. I have removed the crops in DPP, and even re-cropped with a different crop, saved the files and used every way I can imagine to get them into PS short of turning them into tiffs. I do not want to save as a tiff, as I really like the tools in PS Raw, especially the exposure tool (I am no great photographer but I have some very special and irreplaceable pics form fieldwork overseas which are ahem errr not quite correctly exposed).


      My ideal worflow is open folder in DPP - star rate the pics I want to work on. crop them (nice to do this in DPP as it is part of the selection process) then get them into Camera Raw without any more effort, then if an image can be tweaked - do it as a Raw, if it needs more work - get it into PS6 as a tiff and go from there. This seems to minimise effort and minimise file space, at the expense of having two different file types.


      Does anyone else work like this, or is there a better way to review 300 similar pics and get the best selected and processed? Has anyone else encounteres this refusal of Camera Raw to ignore the camera's crop? I bleive that there is a plug-in for lightroom, does anyone know a work around for PS  - I have PS6 with raw 7.3.





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          RASouthworth Level 3

          Not sure it satisfies your needs, but you can always save out as 16bit tiff from DPP and then edit the tiff with ACR, won't lose much in the translation.


          Richard Southworth

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            Gordn Level 1

            Oh can I, thanks . I couldn't see a way to open a tiff in ACR - It only opens when I drag a Raw image into ps6, and it has no file>open to allow me to open a tiff.  In fact it is a rather strange piece of software - it doesn't seem to exist on its own (not as part of production suite anyway).

            This would be a work-around for sure if you could tell me how to do it??




            FOr anyone else with this problem you can force ps6 to open all tiffs in ACR with a setting in preferences in RAW - automatically open all tiffs. It is still a bit of a pain as i dont really want to automatically open them all, but hey!

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              RASouthworth Level 3

              I normally open all files from within Bridge, in which case I can right click on the thumbnail and open in Camera Raw, or directly into Photoshop.


              Richard Southworth


              Added by edit - ACR is a plug-in, not a standalone program.  It can be invoked/hosted from either Photoshop or Bridge, and if from Bridge can be utilized with raw files or jpeg/tiff's.