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    Cross-reference marker ID


      Hi everyone,


      Has anyone worked with duplicate cross-reference markers before?

      My question is, is the uique number in each marker text the same if multiple markers exist in the same location?

      Thank you for your help.

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          Arnis Gubins Ninja

          If you let FM create the markers, then every one will have a unique id number and multiple cross-refs to the same location will all automatically point to the same marker with the same id number. How did you get the dupes? FM won't let you copy & paste a marker, but it will let you cut & paste.

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            FM-new-user Newcomer

            You are right, FM won't let you create multiple cross-reference markers at any lcoation, but some of our old scripts do, and my job is to find these markers and delete extra ones.

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              Arnis Gubins Ninja

              You can find the markers by either doing it in a brute force manner using the Find > Marker of type (and have the Marker window open to see the contents) or by using a MIF version and using a text editor to search for the MText right after a <MType 9> entry. The MText would be the duplicate and the Unique ID entry would be two lines further.


              The general structure of a Marker in MIF is as in the following example:



                  <MType 9>

                  <MTypeName `Cross-Ref'>

                  <MText `37042: Body: At vero eos et accusam et iusto odio blandit praes'>

                  <MCurrPage `1'>

                  <Unique 998385>

                 > # end of Marker


              Cross-refs target the MText line using a <XRefSrcText ...> entry that is the same as the MText content.

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                FieryPantone Pioneer
                <MText `37042: Body: At vero eos et accusam et iusto odio blandit praes'>

                Hey, no fair! I recognise that text: you've been looking inside my documents! <rofl>