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    Is it possible to customize how search results display in RH10?


      Our organization recently upgraded from RH7 to RH10.  While using RH7, one of our technical writers discovered the HelpScribe blog/website in efforts to enhance the old alphabetical search results.  Our users have grown accustomed to have the search results "grouped" between "Recommended" and "Other" topics, and are requesting we make that happen with the RH10 search results.  Users are okay with the ranking; so, we're not concerned with getting the list to alphabetize (I noticed how to do that in another post), we just want to have the results group accordingly so that if the searched keyword appears in the topic title, it shows up under "Recommended," and if the keyword is in the topic, but not in the title, it appears under "Other Topics."  Upon glancing through the whfhost.js file in RH10, I suspect that it might require a bit of additional coding.  I realize this is a forum of authors, and not necessarily RH developers, but I would appreciate any input or ideas you may have (or a code snippet that will make this happen ).


      That said, I am tasked with attempting to answer a couple of questions:


      1. Is it possible to modify the search file to "group" the results so that results are displayed as described above?

      2. If so, how much effort might it require (i.e. a couple of hours from someone who has some knowledge of javasript, or, say, 20+ hours from a javascript developer)?