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    Verity Collections in CF8

    PHRED-SE Level 1
      I just installed CF8 on a new server. The Verity Collections are being created in a Verity subdirectory in a new CFusionMX directory. There is also a Verity subdirectory in the ColdFusion8 directory that isn't being used. Anyone know why this is???

      Also, it takes over twice as long to create CF8 indexes on my new server as it did on my old server running CFMX. I did some comparisons between old and new just to see how my new server with CF8 was doing: indexing on CF 8 took 160.992 seconds and 83.232 seconds on my old server with MX. Both systems built 14 indexes from 22 MSAccess database tables.

      The payback for the longer indexing comes when you search: CF8 - 422 milliseconds, and CFMX - 7.563 seconds. They both returned 58 records for the same search. I'm guessing that they are using more complex indexing algorithm so that they can do faster searches. Does anyone know the real answer???

      Thanks for your insight in advance.