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    Deep links into Edge animation and/or pre-loading subsequent animations

    Joel Bondoux Level 1

      I'm exploring using Edge Animate to create the navigation interface for a website.  However I'm stuck in one area, I hope you can all help?


      Lets say for this example the animation is full width and height of the browser and we have an animated nav bar that has three options: About | News | Contact  (The concept is the nav bar visuals grow to become the next page content area)


      For the sake of SEO and the ability to have defined URL's for each menu subject I had planned on having a seperate html page for each subject.  This means that I need to make seperate Edge animations for each page.  The problem here is even for the smallest animation there is a very noticeable jump while the preload runs on each page.  I would ideally like the animation to run smoothly.  An alternative might be to have a single animation that encompasses all the subjects and I create defined URL's for each subject, but they load the animation from a different start point (though this way there is no sitemap as such, just lots of unique websites).


      I'd rather not use the single animation option as SEO'ing each page would be impossible.  But I cannot allow there to be a white flash as the browser starts the whole process again of preloading an animation that is using all the same visual assets.


      Is there any technical magic I can take advantage of here?  What would you do?