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    What exactly is a "low-level exception occurred in: ImporterFastMPEG?"


      I've been importing several HDV video files (m2t files) from my Sony HDR-DR60 HDD unit into Premiere Pro CS6 on my Macbook Pro w/ Retina Display. I noticed that this error popped up for 3 files: "A low-level exception occurred in: ImporterFastMPEG (Importer)" What exactly is happening here? What does that mean? Those video files appeared with small "?" icons next to their names in the bin. I attempted to import them again, but I was either given the same error message or only the first few seconds of the file would import. For example, one file is 645MB and is a little over 3 minutes long. Now when I try to import this file, it shows as being only 19 seconds in length.


      Now here's where it gets perplexing: I took that same file and fired up my decommisioned Windows PC with an old installation of Premiere Pro CS5.5, and it imported perfectly without a problem.


      I found a very slow work-around where I converted the m2t file into an uncompressed Quicktime MOV, but I'd like to find out what the root cause is and why I'm getting this error for these few files. I've done a lot of shooting this week, and I haven't had a problem with any other files from my HDR-60.


      So, is this a Mac/Apple problem, a Premiere CS6 problem, or are those particular files just randomly weird? Google searches have not yielded anything useful which is why I'm asking here.