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    photoshop elements 9 organizer stuck in Taskbar


      I recently reinstalled Photoshop Elements 9 on my new Windows 7 sytem which replaced my old XP system which was hit by lightning and destroyed. It worked fine to start with, then on the second day after the system had gone into sleep mode( not the first time) and I woke it up, I could not bring the organizer up out of the Taskbar. I tied to restart the system to recover but it hung up say saving settings and eventually I was forced to hit the reset button to get going again.

      When I try to start the organiser again from the welcome screen it just goes into the taskbar and stays there. The editor comes uo fine, but thats not much use without the organiser. I noticed when I tried to bring up the organiser the Task Manager showed that the organiser was running and using 49% of the CPU time but that eventually stopped and the organizer still won't come up.

      Any suggestions

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          Since nobody has replied, I just have a few ideas to start with.


          1) If you start the Organizer which then hides in the taskbar, if you right click on the icon in the taskbar, can you close it from there?


          2) Ensure that Organizer is closed and then hold the shift key down while you start the Organizer. If it is running, you will have the ability to create a new catalog by clicking on the New button. Enter a new name and click on ok and then see if it opens a new empty catalog.


          3) have you applied to 9.0.3 update?


          Please let us know the results so that we can advise you further.


          Good Luck,