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      I'm new to InDesign. I'm trying to place a file for a complete book, but can't get it to come in automatically and place more than one page at a time! I've been through SEVERAL videos and searched all over the place but found NO answers.

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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          I think that this link will teach you what you need to know. I'm guessing that you are placing a Word file, and I'm also guessing that you want InDesign to automatically make new pages and draw new frames on them so you can place your entire file with one click. Hold down the Shift key and it will autoflow for you.


          InDesign's learning curve is awfully steep. If you're a smart person who is good at learning software who expected to be able to just open it up and start working, and to learn what you needed from videos and tutorials on the side while you worked, you're in for a nasty surprise (or you've already had it). I'd suggest starting with a book like Sandee Cohen's Visual QuickStart Guide. Read the sections about your project before you start (or before you go back to work).

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            lrcastle Level 1

            Thank you so much Joel!


            You're right about the steep learning curve. I cut my teeth on PageMaker in the 80s, mastered FrameMaker and QuarkXPress in the 90s, Apple's Pages in the 2000s and have had only sporadic needs for laying out books since then. InDesign is about the least intuitive piece of software I've ever seen!


            I finally figured out how to get the file uploaded OK (from Apple's Pages software). But I'm still having problems when I export it as PDF and upload it at CreateSpace, where my client is having her book printed and distributed. It keeps pushing the text too close to the spine on both sides. After following all the troubleshooting advice to reconfigure how a file exports to PDF (wound up with a book full of black pages doing that) and going into my system to get rid of 3rd party plugins and related preferences and facing the same problem, I'm stumped.


            Adobe support has bumped my case up to a tech support upgrade, which gives you "priority status" to receive an expert's call in 48 or 72 or whatever hours, Monday at the soonest. I'm not so sure they'll be able to help because the problem may be at the CreateSpace end. I may have to download a CreateSpace template and lay the entire book out or risk getting sued by my millionaire client. Sure would like to avoid that!


            Thanks for the book suggestion. I'll definitely check that out.


            Have a nice weekend.


            Dismally yours,




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