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    Image Gallery Rollover effect

      First Issue: I've dynamically created the image gallery, on rollover or mouseover i'm using the zoom in effect, on rollout i'm using the zoom out effect (that will return to the original size).

      zm = new Zoom(timg);
      zm.zoomHeightFrom = 1.2;
      zm.zoomWidthFrom = 1.2;
      zm.zoomHeightTo = 1;
      zm.zoomWidthTo = 1;

      It is working fine when the mouse is moved slowly (after playing the full zoom), if i move rapidly (if i rollout before the play effect finishes), the image's position will be changed. Please give me a solution for this.

      Second issue: I'm also trying to mask the image. all the thumbnails will be inside a canvas. How to mask the image with the sprite and use the zoom effect.

      Thanks in advance.