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    Book help, Create an image hyperlink to a lightbox style bigger image?


      Hello there,


      I am wondering if it is possible that with an image I put in the inDesign flash flip book, I can make the image a hyper link which will create a lightbox style popup image (so the image is bigger) and you can close it again after. Similar to an image gallery, like facebook for example.


      I understand I could just make a bigger version of the image on another page and link it to that, but thats not what the company wants.


      This is something I might have to do manually in Adobe Flash? If so, any idea where should I start?


      Finished product may look something like this, http://www.lux-manga.jp/manga/15466512efc0c7d932  I understand that is not an indesign book but thats what I mean by the bigger images.