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    How do you unlink paragraph style in alternate layout?


      I created an alternate layout that was basically half the size as the original and now all my paragraph styles in the child have type sizes that look like this - 9 pt(5.5). It is quite problematic, because when I try to use that type style in the child, it obviously uses the parent size (9) but it if I try to change the style to have type size 5.5 then all of the existing type with that style changes to half that size (so about 2.5ish). I have since deleted the parent layout because I no longer needed it, but I would like to keep the paragraph styles just in case I need them in the future. How do I unlink/modify the child paragraph styles??


      Not to mention... when I am in the child version extending an original text box to correct overset type the type size is 9 instead of 5.5 like the rest of the linked text boxes? So basically I've got one story, different type sizes and if I try to correct one type size it updates the other to be different.


      Thanks in advance!