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    Need some support with syntax from FDK to ExtendScript : Getting FontFamily

    wokoman1234 Level 1

      Hi there, I am using some scripts to traverse my text and add tags to specific characters when they use a given font. This works fine if the PlatformName is known, but every now and a while these seem to be not set. I therefore want to do the following : If no FontPlatformName get the FontFamily instead, but I'm struggling to get it working as the scripting references are a bit limited on covering conversion.


      This is what's in the fdk (simplified for my needs) :


      families = F_ApiGetStrings(0, FV_SessionId, FP_FontFamilyNames);


      for (i=0; i < families.len; i++)

      if(F_StrIEqual(families.val[i], "myFont")

           /* Do something*/

      ) break;


      But I can't get it working on extendscript


      What I have now is something like below :


      var doc = app.ActiveDoc;

      var families = Constants.FP_FontFamilyNames.GetStrings;


      for (var i = 0; i < families.length; i += 1)


      // alert fontname of families.val[i]




      But I'm doing something wrong as it fails on my for loop. Anybody that can help getting the syntax correct ?


      Thanks in advance already