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    Has Rh7 actually shipped?

    Paul Griffiths
      I ask becasue my pre-ordered version is still showing as "Pending" in the Order History, although it also says that it was expected to arrive on 1st November (i.e. yesterday). If I download the trial version do you think I can activate it when the box arrives?
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          johndaigle Level 4
          Hey, Paul.
          Your idea of using the Trial and entering the registration code when you receive it will work. Of course this assumes you'll receive it within the 30 days

          The code for the Try/Buy download is the same as on the boxed CD, so when you get your registration key, you should be able to simply enter that and you'll be off to the races with the full blown, un-timed version.
          One of the great things about the Trial is that unlike other software, it is not limited in functionality. There is no scrambled text or red notice text that it is a trial or limit to the number of topics. Basically everything works - for 30 days.

          Akshay Madan, the Adobe RoboHelp Product Manager has posted info on the trial here
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            lillibetUK Level 1
            I'm trialing this at the moment and I'm disappointed to see that even though RH7 is the current product there appear to be no demos or tours explaining/showing off the new functionality.

            The only thing I did find was an e-seminar that spends half hour trying to sell you the tech comms suite and telling you how great the products integrate with one another, but this is not the info I was after.

            It's almost like RH7 has been launched in a hurry without all the necessary showcase marketing documentation. Unfortunately, I find the actual help file quite inadequate in these new areas.
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              Paul Griffiths Level 1
              Tried chasing my order this morning. Customer Care can't tell me any more than I can get from the website. They suggest waiting a week!
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                RoboColum(n) Level 5
                LOL! I hope you are not UK based. Our postal service is still struggling to catch up after recent strikes! I got a bi-weekely periodical I subscribe to last almost two weeks late!