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    Error when caching data locally using LiveCycle Data Services

    ndt.company Level 1

      Hi all,

      I developing a mobile application support working offline. I using cache feature of LiveCycle Data Services.

      This is my datasevice ( it has associate to others dataservice ) and autoSaveCache = true and cacheID = "xxx":


      <destination id="expenseData">






                                    <identity property="id" />

                    <one-to-many property="expenseItems" destination="expense-item" />





      when I run application in the first, it run nomarly but when I close and run it again , i get the errror message as below :

      Error: Object instance needs an mx_internal::referencedIds property inorder to be managed: Object

                at mx.data.utils::Managed$/getReferencedIds()[C:\depot\DataServices\branches\milestone\adepd s46_rc\frameworks\projects\data\src\mx\data\utils\Managed.as:292]

                at mx.data::DataStore/restoreAssociations()[C:\depot\DataServices\branches\milestone\adepds4 6_rc\frameworks\projects\data\src\mx\data\DataStore.as:5010]



      - The error message not showed when I remove line <one-to-many property="expenseItems" destination="expense-item" /> .

      Please help me if you know about this problem.

      Thanks so much.