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    Dreamweaver CS6 do not launch


      Hi guys


      I need help!


      My Dreamweaver CS6 do not launch.
      It bounces and nothing happens.
      I have tried everything and it is still not working!


      I have the Adobe CS6 Master Collection.
      All other programs work just fine!


      My specs:
      iMac 21,5 - late 2012

      OSX 10.8.3
      3,1GHz Intel Core i7


      What I've tried:

      1] Changed the permissions on the program it self, made sure it's set to "read & write" for the users
      2] Unstinalled and re-installed Dreamweaver CS6 - with the Administrator account

      3] Unstinalled and re-installed Dreamweaver CS6 - with the Root User account


      Step by step:
      I have (for both Administrator and Root User) done the above in the following steps:
      1] Repair disk permissons [Still not working]
      2] Unistall Dremweaver
      3] Re-boot
      4] Repair disk permissions

      5] Re-boot

      6] Re-install Dreamwever
      7] Re-boot
      8] Launch Dreamweaver
      - and still, just bounces and disappears, not working!


      I am now totaly out of ideas on what to do!
      My old CS5.5 worked without a glitch!


      Help Please!

      Note: It has worked just fine before.

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The whole enchilada of solutions:



          Start with Troubleshooting steps #2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12. 

          If nothing works, go to #14.



          Nancy O.

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            johnnytason2 Level 1

            Now I've tried the Recreate preferences [Didn't help]
            I also did the JavaScript steps, inkluding updating JavaScript [Didn't help]


            The following programs in my Master CS6 collection works/or don't works:
            I haven't checked them before.
            (if it could be clue?)


            Dreamweaver CS6

            Flash CS6
            Illustrator CS6 [but here I got the load screen before it closes down]

            Flashbuilder 4.6


            THE REST WORKS, BUT:

            After Effects Render Engine [with the following warning: "Could not rename the file' /Users/myusername/Library/Preferences/Adobe/After Effects/11.0/Workspaces.1074.44530159361.xml' to 'Workspace.xml]

            After Effects [with the following warning: Ray tracing on the GPU requires CUDA version 4.0 or later. Ray-tracing will use the CPU untill you install the latest CUDA driver.]Premier


            The really sad thing is that the programes that don't work are the same ones I use the most :-(

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              johnnytason2 Level 1

              Forgot to add that I have spent the last 24h restoring my iMAC from at Time Machine, to a previous date where I am sure Dreaweaver CS6 worked.
              That did of course nothing to solve the problem.

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                David_Powers Adobe Community Professional

                There is a remote possibility that the 8KB bug has surfaced again (see http://forums.adobe.com/thread/417116#eightkb). It causes Dreamweaver to crash on launch if the site you used most recently contains a file that is exactly 8KB or a multiple thereof.


                A quick way to check is to use Mac Finder to move the root folder of the last site you were working on to a different location. Then try launching DW again. If it launches successfully, it will complain that it can't find the site folder. Launch Manage Sites as suggested, select a different site, and click Done.


                You then have to find the file that was causing the problem, and add a couple of blank lines in a text editor to change the file size.


                The 8KB bug was fixed a couple of versions ago, but it's just possible that it has crept back in.

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                  Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP


                  8K bug would only effect DW.  It wouldn't explain  issues with Flash, Flashbuilder and Illustrator though.



                  Have you tried running the Creative Suite Cleaner tool.




                  Nancy O.

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                    David_Powers Adobe Community Professional

                    Sorry, I didn't realize other programs were also not launching. I read the first post, and then skimmed the rest of the thread, missing the detail about the other programs. Almost certainly not the 8KB bug then.


                    Sounds like the Cleaner Tool and reinstallation is probably the best solution.

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                      johnnytason2 Level 1

                      In short, that didn't do any difference.
                      Uninstalled, cleande up, re-installed and still bouncing :-(


                      This is starting to look like there is something seriously wrong with the product and/or iMAC.
                      I simply don't know what to do. I've done everything except re-installing the whole computer and that is nothing I'd like to do :-(

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                        johnnytason2 Level 1

                        Now I've noticed that my old CS5.5 doesn't work either :-(

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                          David_Powers Adobe Community Professional

                          Looking back at your original post, I see you say that CS5.5 worked without a glitch. Is this a new installation of CS6?


                          There's a forum dedicated to installation problems, which is monitored by Adobe staff. I suggest that you post there, with a link back to this thread, asking for help. Nancy and I are just users of Dreamweaver (albeit fairly experienced ones). Installation problems often require deeper technical knowledge to sort out. An Adobe engineer can examine the installation log, which should normally be created on your computer.


                          I doubt that there is anything seriously wrong with the software unless it was corrupted during the download process. After all, it has been used by millions of others for nearly a year since CS6 was released.

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                            Preran Adobe Employee



                            I am sorry that none of the solutions offered by our experts have worked for you. I will be passing your query to our support engineers as well. Because today is a holiday, give them some extra hours to get back to you.




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                              johnnytason2 Level 1

                              Hi David


                              Yes, CS5.5 did work before, but doesn't anymore.
                              The thing is that CS6 did work and I installed it in December (or maybe possibly january). And it's the upgrade version from 5.5 if that would make any difference?
                              All I have done is to create 5 simple HTML pages for a friend and their band, nothing fancy.
                              I haven't set up a site or anything, no FTP stuff and so on. I haven't really had the time to use CS6.
                              The other day i decided to start creating my new, much over due, update of my old site.
                              And I really want and need to use the new features of CS6, like the ability to easiely set up for different devices (I am an old HTML 4 CSS guy and are reading upp on HTML5 and CSS3).

                              That's when i discovered that CS6 did no longer work and here I am :-)


                              I have been using Photoshop and Dreamweaver for as longs as I can remember so I know there's nothing wrong with the product, it was a comment out of dispare


                              Hi Preran
                              Not a problem with the time. I appreciate all the help I can get :-)
                              As long as it ends up with me working in CS6 again.


                              I am currently restoring the MAC from a Time Machine copy from early january, if that doesn't work (and you guys can't come up with a nifty solution) I will have to restore the iMAC to it's original state.


                              Thank you all for your support and help!!

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                                hyadav Adobe Employee



                                Did you tried the CS cleaner tool to remove the entire creative suite?


                                Please refer the beolow link to use the CS cleaner tool and remove the entire CS and then reinstall it:




                                Note: Back-up all data stored in Adobe product directories prior to using the Creative Suite Cleaner Tool, including custom plug-ins, preference files or profiles you have installed.


                                -Harshit yadav

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                                  johnnytason2 Level 1


                                  Yes, I have do all I could.
                                  Read all the threads here on the same issue.
                                  Nothing have worked.


                                  So what I've done now is to restore my MAC from a Time Machine copy from early January.
                                  Now it works again.


                                  I do not know what have happend along the ways since early January that made some of the programs (Dreamweaver and Flash) not working.


                                  So, if someone could find a solution for the problems would be great ofcourse.

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                                    Hi johnnytason2


                                    Did you find the fix of this bug? Because I'm having the same problem since yesterday. I was looking for some information and this is the only post I found, and actually it is not very helpfull at all :S I don't know if we are having the same problem because we did something wrong.


                                    The only thing I did yesterday was install a VPN in my computer and try some anti-virus. After that (I am not pretty sure) I opened Dreamweaver and it didn't launch. Then I tried to open Illustrator and it launched but then aborts... No alerts, no prompts, no console messages. Just crash.

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                                      Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                      Sounds like some recently added software or a virus has taken over your computer.  



                                      Nancy O.

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                                        NRamirezCR Level 1

                                        I wish you were right, because that could fix the problem... But believe me, is not a virus. Sounds like Adobe must release an update asap. I was looking arround and there are a lot of users with the same problem. I'm currently trying uninstalling (again), fix the permissions (again) and reinstall in root user (first time I tried). It seems like this fixed the problem for a lot of users