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    Tables are crashing InDesign when I try to save as idml file

    jenmichigan Level 1

      I received an indd template file from a client who has cs5.5. I have cs6. I made my additions to the file, but when I try to save as an idml file so she can open it in cs5.5, InDesign crashes. I tried deleting preferences, still crashed. I tried updating to 8.0.1, still crashed. The "Fault Module Name" in the crash report was "TABLE MODEL.RPLN" and tables were the things that I added to the file, so I tried deleting all the tables from the file and saving as idml....and it worked. But the tables are the thing I need to send! I will just send them to her as a word doc if necessary, and she will have to insert, but that's obviously not ideal. Anyone have any thoughts for me?? Would be much appreciated.