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    Field Variable trouble


      Overview: I am having a confusing time figuring out what's going on with the scope in a project I'm working on. I mocked up a version of what I'm attempting, and have attached all the code (as follows). I want to access/modify a var that resides on a movieclip's timeline.

      Problem: A movieclip (called test) resides in the first frame of the main timeline. Inside test on it's first frame it declares a var called testing. From the main timeline I ask what the value of testing is, and it returns undefined.

      Attempted Resolution: I have programmed in Java, and it has what they call accessor and mutator methods. I tried creating accessor/mutator functions in the movieclip, but this didn't change the error message. I also thought that it might be an issue with the ver of AS that I am using. I have MX 2004 (v7.0) and I checked the livedocs to look into seeing if I was on track. As far as I can tell I am.

      Thank you for the help,

      Here's the code: