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    InDesign Server 5.5 Missing Links

    Graham W Sprague

      I'm getting missing link errors in the log when InDesign Server opens files. The missing links reported are for xml files and snippets. Opening the document and looking in the links pallette shows no missing links. I tried using AppleScript to see if I could access these links but they are not there. I can find the links if I open the document in a text editor so I know they are actually there but I cannot seem to find a way to get rid of them. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.


      1. Has any one else seen this problem?
      2. Is there some way to "clean" the file? ( I already tried doing a save as on the files. )
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          jmlevy Adobe Community Professional

          I encounter the same problem with InDesign Server CS6: I get warning messages about missing snippets. This does not prevent to generate PDF's successfully (with madeToPrint server), but I would like to understand…

          Any idea?

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            a2d2a Level 1

            Had the same problem and solved it by saving the INDD binary file as an IDML XML file which removed all the "historic ghost links" and cleans up the document.

            As it takes a lot longer to open the IDML file in InDesign/Indesign Server, I opened the IDML file in InDesign and then saved this as INDD again.

            Had to do a tiny bit of tidying up afterwards, but the resulting INDD file was a lot smaller than the original.

            Just wish there was a "Clean up unused references" command (like Inkscape) or some script that achieved the same result.