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    Difference in AE file Imported into PPro with MPE in Hardware vs. Software Mode

    FelixUnderwood Level 2

      I am getting an undesireable result when importing AE files into a PPro Sequence with MPE in hardware mode. The top (or left) pic is accurate, with MPE in Software mode (nice soft glow). In the bottom pic, MPE is in Hardware mode. Note the undesireable (and inaccurate) harder glow. These AE files are output in an uncompressed AVI with alpha channel. The pics below were imported into PPro with the AE file placed over a black clip in PPro (Video Layer 1=Black. Video Layer 2= AE text w/Alpha). Any thoughts, or better yet, solutions?!   

                                       Graphic with MPE in Software Mode.jpgGraphic w-MPE Enabled.jpg