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    Pen tool bug

    rcraighead Champion

      I'm sure this has been discussed, but I don't find the thread. Here is my issue:


      When closing an open path by clicking the end point, AI does not recognize "Option" or "Spacebar" modifier keys as it should. The option key should allow me to control the direction point independant from the corresponding anchor point, while the spacebar should allow me to move the active anchor point, while the mouse is still down. This is exactly how Photoshop CS6 works (this was an upgrade for Photoshop).


      Here is a short video illustrating the "bug" in Illustrator:



      Please let me know if you share my concern about this pen tool bug.

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          Steve Fairbairn Rockstar

          It’s not a problem in CS3. Option and Spacebar work just like in Photoshop in the video.

          This problem must be something that has crept in in a later version.


          Did you try hitting the Option key just prior to the last click? It seems to make a difference.

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            rcraighead Champion

            I was thinking this worked differently in CS3, but I no longer have it on my system to test.


            Yes, holding "option" prior to clicking the end point creates a different result, but nothing like it should be.


            I cannot imagine why this type of bug should be in AICS5 & 6, especially when PSD finally got it right.

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              Kurt Gold Rockstar

              Time travel: I see the same behaviour in AI 9 and AI 10.


              I'd be pretty surprised if it worked in CS 3 …

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                rcraighead Champion

                I found CS3 on a backup drive but it won't let me open it on my new system.


                I am going to guess this feature DID exist in CS3 based on my habit of trying to do it in CS5. Just my guess. At any rate, it would sure be  nice if AI matched PS's capabilities with the pen tool. I mean, really!

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                  Monika Gause Mythic

                  I don't see a difference between CS3 and CS6. Spacebar behaves weird in CS3 as well. Alt-key is there in both.

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                    rcraighead Champion

                    Thanks, Monika. I'd like to see this fixed. We need parity with pen tool between PS and AI.


                    Funny, I saw my error on "parody" just now.


                    While I'm on "parity"; I'd like to see the zoom feature act the same in AI and PS. Now that I'm finally used to "click-drag" zooming in PS, I'm driving myself crazy in AI, trying to do the same thing.


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                      Kurt Gold Rockstar

                      The thing Steve may have overlooked is that you were talking about the procedure just when closing the path. Once it is closed and you then drag a handle, everything works as one would expect.


                      Well, a misbehaviour that is at least 15 years old. Happy Easter bug …

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                        Steve Fairbairn Rockstar

                        Nope, didn’t overlook anything. I looked at the video and tested it by trying to do the same thing. Everything worked as expected.

                        Option drag works fine on closing the path.

                        Space bar drag is sometimes a bit shaky but works if you’ve got a steady mouse hand.

                        Drag with Option and Space bar together is a bit erratic though – reckon I would probably move the anchor afterwards by holding down Cmd.

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                          Kurt Gold Rockstar

                          That is astonishing. In the meantime I've verified the odd behaviour (as described by Ray) in 5 different AI versions on Mac and Win machines (including AI CS3).


                          Maybe I've overlooked something …

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                            rcraighead Champion

                            This bug is still in AI CC. Holding "spacebar" when closing a path causes the direction points to jump out of control. Works great in PS CS6 pen tool. Haven't tried PS CC.

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                              rcraighead Champion

                              Alas, this bug has not been fixed in AI CC 17.1. If Adobe can make it work in Photoshop, why can't it work in Illustrator!!???

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                                Neeraj N Newcomer

                                Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 has this feature. Do try this out.


                                - Neeraj