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    Normalizing audio from bin to timeline

    Lone Lobo Level 1

      This may be elementary but I'm finding no reference to it.  I am editing with 6.0 with P2 footage.

      My camera records 4 channels.  1 & 3(basically mirrored to CH.1) are typically a wireless mic on my talent and 2 & 4 are typically the camera mic for ambience (rarely used).

      So when I scrub or play back from my source bin I assume I am hearing all 4 channels because I see all 4 meters when that clip is brought into the source monitor. 

      However, I am only bringing channel 1 into my timeline. 

      So now as I bounce back and forth between scrubbing in my bins and running the timeline, there is a significant difference in volume between the 2.  This is not the end of the world, but is an annoyance.  Is there anyway to adjust the volume of the source monitor or playback from the bins independantly from the timeline?

      Or is there a way to disable playback in the source monitor and bins on an audio track-by-track basis? Or even a clip-by-clip basis?


      Any help is appreciated.