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    correcting an "exposed" photograph


      Years ago I took a photograph of a celebrity on my minolta 35mm camera.  I opened the camera before I rewound the film and breifly and partially exposed the negative.  When the film was processed the color was shifted(?) to yellow and red only on the left half of the photograph.  I have not given this photo another thought until last night when I went thru a box of old photos and found it.  I have PE10 and thought that I could do something to recover it.


      The best I could do is completely desaturate it to make it a black and white and then mask off the good area and adjust the levels on the eposed area because this area appeared underexposed and lighter after the desaturation.  This is ok and makes the photo presentable but I would like to see if I can get the color back.  I tried adjusting hues in the red and yellow channels, and it helps, but not great.


      I am a novice user of photoshop and apparently have a little too much time on my hands but any tips or guidance that anyone can offer would be most appreciated.

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          hatstead Adobe Community Professional

          Please post the picture so that we may provide targeted guidance. You can do that via the camera icon at the top in the reply box.

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            Keledole Level 1

            Thank you for your reply.  I am at work and do not have the file with me.  I will post it as soon as I get home in about 4 hours or so.

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              Keledole Level 1

              Here is the picture.Pict1s.jpg

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                hatstead Adobe Community Professional

                With the Magnetic lasso tool, I selected the bushes and thing next to the man's right shoulder, and placed the selection on its own layer (CTRL+J).

                With the same tool I selected the man's head, placed it on its own layer

                With the same tool I selected the red patch of hair at the bottom, placed it on its own layer

                Going back to the layer with bushes, I opened a Hue/saturation adjustment layer above it, and clipped these two layers (CTRL+G).The dialog for the hue/sat layer has a box to colorize; checked that. Worked the sliders to colorize to suit

                Next I went to the layer with the man's head, same procedure - adjustment layer, clipping, colorize

                Next I went to layer with the hair, but did not check "colorize" --adjustment layer, clipping,  but just worked the lightness slider

                At this stage I set my foreground color chip to ligfht blue --C7D7EA

                I created a stamp visible layer, a layer that combines all the layers, yet does not flatten. To do that, open a blank layer at the top of the stack, and press CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+E)

                I opened a photofilter adjustment layer at the top, used Cooling #82 with luminosity checked.

                Merged down to combine these 2 layers

                I shut off the visibility of all the layers below the stamp visible layer, and on this layer I selected the blown out sky with the magic wand tool, then hit delete on the keyboard. Used the eraser tool to remove a few yellow spots.

                Got the Paintbucked tool out of the toolbox and filled the sky area with the light blue color

                Added a few clouds and a frame.



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                  Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                  Mario might also look good in black&white

                  (i know you said color)