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    How can I add a password to multiple files through batch processing?




      My department frequently receives between 20-500 pdf files that need to be password protected with the same password. I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro 9. I have set up a sequence in batch processing using the Security command and adding a password there. Not being familiar with the function, I was somehow able to get the process to prompt me for a password after selecting the files to be protected. Currently I am the only person on my team of 30+ people who uses this feature, so everyone comes to me to get their files password protected. I have tried to to set this up again by creating a second Security sequence, but the only way to change the password is to edit the process. For most of the team, this will be too complicated to do as every client wants a unique password. The only difference I can see between the 2 sequences is that "Author password" is set to Yes on the sequence that prompts for a password. I cannot find any way to change this option in the new sequence. I am trying to send my team instructions on how to set this up so they can each do this. I would appreciate any advice on getting this set up correctly.