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    How do I recover my albums, categories and subcategories that suddenly disappeared from my Organizer


      I had been using the Organizer in Elements 9 for many years and had created albums, categories and subcategories.  Suddenly about a month ago, all that organization disappeared and was replaced by a long list of Tags which most definitely do not retain the organization I previously had.  My albums have disappeared completely and the Tags do not repeat my previous organization of categories and subcategories.  In effort to solve the problem I upgraded to Elements 11, but it did not help.  It seems that PhotoShop has just substituted its own organization of People, Events, and Places and thrown everything into a list of Tags--eliminating my organization, my albums, categories and subcategories. This is a major problem, since I have many thousands of images which I cannot properly locate without the organization I had.  How can I recover my prior organization?