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    AIUID save in dictionary

    Raghav KR Community Member

      AIUIDRef uidref=GetUID(GetArt(range));


      if(dictRef)      {

           AIEntryRef entryref=sAIEntry->FromUID(uidref);

           AIDictKey dictkey = sAIDictionary->Key("mykey");

           sAIDictionary->Set(dictRef, dictkey, entryref);




      This is the code I am using to save the uid in dictionary. The code executes. Not sure if it saves uid or not. But illustrator crashes when document is closed. Any idea what is wrong?  Thanks in advance.

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          A. Patterson Community Member

          I think you're missing a step, here's what I'm doing:


          SetArtUIDValue(AIDIctionaryRef dictionary, const char* entryName, AIUIDRef uid)


               AIEntryRef entry = 0;


               try {

                    AIUIDREFRef uidRef = 0;

                    AIErr error = sUID->NewUIDREF(uid, &uidRef);

                    if (kNoErr != error) throw ai::Error(error);


                    AIEntry entry = sEntry->FromUIDREF(uidRef);

                    AIDictKey key = sDictionary->Key(entryName);


                    error = sDictionary->Set(dictionary, key, entry);

                    if (kNoErr != error) throw ai::Error(error);

               } catch (...) {

                    if (entry) {






               sEntry->Release(entry); // never forget to do this or you leak memory!


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            Raghav KR Community Member

            Thanks, that worked.