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    Timeline audio not getting routed to audio out

    Lone Lobo Level 1

      First, thanks to all who have replied to my previous posts.  I'm learning as fast as I can but there's a lot to learn...don'tyaknow!


      I have several sequences that are exhibiting the same behavior.  Audio plays thru my main monitors if I play the clip from the bin or from the source monitor window.  However, the same clip will not play thru my audio monitors once placed on the timeline. The audio meters and the displayed waveform on the timeline show that audio is indeed there, but it is not getting to the speakers.  I have a black magic Decklink HD Extreme 3D that is feeding 2 video monitors.   The video monitor that is being fed HDMI is playing back the audio on the timeline, but nothing else. 


      I have at least one sequence that plays audio from all Premiere sources, including the timeline, so I know it's not a hardware issue.  I have used this "working" sequence to compare all audio settings with the "non-working" sequences and can find no obvious differences.  Does anyone have an idea what might be happening. 


      I have checked for differences in:



           Audio Hardware

           Audio Output Mapping

           and Playback