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    CS5.5 crashes when importing Project


      So I am pretty new to the world of editing and this is my first project. I have a PC and amd using windows 7 OS. I shot the footage in 1920x1080 at 24 fps however I did not set the project settings accordingly, so I am having difficulties rendering out at those settings. Someone suggested that I open a new project with the proper settings and just Import my current project into that. I tried this but every single time i try to import (either entire or just part of) my project, Cs5.5 freezes!

      Anyone have any suggestions for me? I could realllllllly use the help!


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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          First of all, projects don't have these settings any more, sequences do, and you can have any number of different sequences in any given project.


          Right click on a clip in the bin and select New Sequence from Clip.  That will create a new sequence that properly matches your footage.  Then delete the clip that's there, and Copy/Paste everything from your old sequence into the new.  You may have to go through and adjust some edits, depending on the settings for the first sequence.