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    Indd will not update placed images that have type design changes from Ai

    billdakelski Level 1

      I am creating a book in Indesign ca4 and have placed hundreds of images from Illustrator cs4. These images have unconverted type in them. When i update the font (in FontExplorer X) the files  updates fine in Ai. However, when I go to the Indd file nothing changes. If i click on one of the images and relink then the updated font pops in. Now normally when I change anything else in an Ai file it automatically changes in the Indd file or at least shows that the file needs to be "updated".


      The problem is that I don't want to spend hours clicking each graphic, going to relink find the file, etc. Also, the font change is mearly the same font with a different revision number and it is difficult to even see if the font has actually updated, I would be blind by the time I finished the process of updating each graphic and verifying that it actulally updated.


      I do not want to convert the type to outlines, as this would cause even more time issues.


      I don't understand how the this can happen without a red flag happening somewhere along the process, as the previous font that shows up in Indd no longer exists and the file is not embeded, or converted?