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    InDesign Palettes not working


      Hello fellow graphic junkies,


      I have a big problem. I am using Adobe InDesign CS5 on windows 7 and have been using it just fine for a long time now. Just today it started having problems. When I open a file everything looks correct and works fine, until I try to push a button on any of the palettes or control panel. The palette titles; ie. Pages, Layers, Links can all be pushed to open up the palette however the buttons in the palette do not work. In fact the weirdest part is that the buttons on the control panel can be pressed but they are off by inches, so I try to change the kerning and the font menu drops down instead however only the control panel buttons and cursor buttons can be pushed. Everything else works, dragging images, writing new copy, drop down menus like File and Edit, clicking cursors or gradients from the cursor palette. I have updated it, re-installed it, and nothing is working. Could this be a plug-in problem with Suitcase Fusion? Is it something crazy like Java or an error with windows itself?


      some of my specs are :


      Intel Core 2 Quad CPU 2.8 GHz

      4GB Ram

      64 bit Windows 7

      ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series


      Sorry I don't really know what else you would need. Thank you for your help!