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    DataGrid verticalPageScrollSize

      I have been trying to extend the datagrid to make it scroll vertically by one pixel instead of by the height of each row. In container elements there is the verticalPageScrollSize, however, this isn't applicable to DataGrid. Any Ideas?
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          atta707 Level 2
          Can you show some of your code? I'm assuming in your subclass you've overridden scrollVertical() method?

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            j301c Level 1
            After some more research I found that Flex 2 does not support pixel, or fractional scrolling. I need to look at the datagrid or listbase code more to determine if a) I can just subclass or change the original class or b) a whole new datagrid component needs to be created from scratch. The row scrolling seems to be tightly built into the datagrid class and the class relys on this for its functionality. One issue raised is that for pixel scrolling to work every row would need to be pre-rendered, as opposed to only visible rows, which creates a performance issue. This is a pretty complicated problem because it gets into the internals of many list components in flex 2. There may be a way to simulate pixel scrolling, but it is a shame that it is not implemented in Flex already.