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    Help with Creating Extended Audio Recording


      I am trying to produce an online training session for my staff. The training session has approximately 130 slides. Now that the video is recorded in captivate, I am ready to begin recording the audio. For the first slide in my presentation, I have about 15-20 seconds worth of audio. When I finish the recording, I find that Adobe Captivate has separated that recording into 3 (sometimes 4 separate audio files. Often times the audio files cut off the audio in the middle of a word. Of course, this makes adding audio extremely difficult and very "choppy" sounding. Can anyone help? Ideally, I would like to be able to control when the audio recording stops and starts. If that is impossible (yikes!) I could use some tips regarding how to piece audio together, especially when that audio is cutting of in the middle of sentences/words.

      Thanks much,