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    square brochure

    _snickers Level 1

      Hey there


      I hope anyone can help me out. I need to create a "square brochure" like in this picture:


      http://www.webanddesigners.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/brochure-design/square-brochure. jpg


      Maybe some facts:


      – it should fit to an A4 page (cheaper than on A3 / cut it)

      – I want to use the maximum space of the page

      – brochure should be printed marginless


      What do I have to do in InDesign? What about the cover? Does it have to be bigger?


      Maybe anyone knows a template or can explain me something about the borders?


      Any help is welcome!


      Thanks a lot for your support!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          How many panels (pages)? We're looking at two panels inthe link, so there must be some multiple of 4 panels in the document.


          A-size sheets are not square, so you are planning on trimming this? How is it going to be printed?


          As a general bit of advice, set it up as facing pages, with each page having the dimension of a single panel so you see waht the reader sees (if it's only four panels you can get away with two nionfacing pages big enough to hold a two-panel spread. You can set the margins for the white border for convenience.

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            _snickers Level 1

            Sorry, misunderstanding

            I do not mean the layout. I just want to know the general facts and how I have to prepare my document and the settings for the printing shop.


            I know that A-size sheets are not square I want to trim it, yes. But I want to use one A4 page for two pages in my document, do you know what I mean? An A4 page is 297mm high. My brochure will be around 145mm (* 2 = 290mm + trim...). Is this possible to be printed on one A4 page borderless? And what do I have to do for the cover? Does it have to be bigger than the other pages?


            This brochure will be printed over 100 times, so I want to save money and print it on A4, not A3...Hopefully my settings are correct?


            Thank you again!


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              MW Design Level 5

              This is roughly an inch larger than a booklet for a CD. It's pretty small. Depending upon your audience for this size of brochure, it can easily get lost in the briefcase of the recipients.


              If you haven't already, I would encourage you to talk with whoever is printing this to see what the cost is jumping to A3. I mean, I can squeeze a brochure onto a landscape letter-sized sheet, but the cost to go to Letter-Extra is incredibly marginal. The cost to push it onto a Tabloid-sized sheet is in the neighborhood of pennies if the print run is 500 pieces.


              That said, if it were me, I would simply use a full size page of half an A4. Let ID put the bleed, color bars, etc., into the PDF. It will be larger than your required A4 sheet. But I would then take the PDF and print to the Adobe PDF print driver and opt to have Acrobat set up to use an A4 sheet and scale it to fit. You'll get maximum print area without all the back and forth adjustments in order for ID to get all that onto an A4 sheet. Just a thought.


              Take care, Mike

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                Michael Gianino Level 4

                One thing that some people don't consider when designing for sheet-fed press is the gripper margin. The gripper has to hold the paper as it's being pulled through the press, and so it can't place image in that area. I've seen designs that didn't take that into consideration, and unless the layout was reworked or shrunk to fit the imageable area of the sheet, it would push the trailing edge off the page. That could mean either difficulty in trimming/bindery, or failure of the piece as a whole.


                So, I'd talk to the printer and find out what the maximum imageable area for that particular sheet size when run through the press they will be using is, and work backwards from there, adding in crops and bleed. What's left will be the maximum trim size of your finished piece. You can always go down from there, but going up might be the factor that kills the project, or pushes it up to the next price point.

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  _snickers wrote:



                  This brochure will be printed over 100 times, so I want to save money and print it on A4, not A3...Hopefully my settings are correct?

                  That sounds like a short run, perhaps digital and not on a press (hardly worth setting up a 4-color press to run 100 copies, and you wouldn't be running on A4 on a 4-color press anyway). Most digital equipment does not use grippers but depend entirely on some sort of cammed pickup wheel, which makes sheet to sheet registration less reliable on them, but also lets them print closer to the edge on all sides. You are really pushnig the limit, though, trying to print two 145mm pages onto a 297mm sheet -- there's no room for marks, and I'd be surprised if you found a printer that could print to the edge if you need a bleed.

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                    _snickers Level 1

                    Guys you are so great! Thanks for all your effort Those high level explanations are totally interesting for me because I really want to learn more about printing in general. But usually I do not have to print that much because my home is the digital world


                    It's not a big project as you might think :-/ It's just a song booklet for two weddings...So the size is quite okay.


                    Anyway I will call the printing office on Monday and ask for margins etc.


                    Thank you so much again