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    Flex 4.6 Commit Changes


      I am using the code below to commit changes to a xml datagrid, which is suppose to push to mySQL database. The code commits the changes which shows up in the DataGrid but if i refresh the app nothing is saved. Do i need to edit my PHP file that i use to pull my database and turn it into xml, to allow this to update or insert into the database? I need to find a way to update MySQL database in this popup window...anyone got any ideas?


      getting the Update & Save button in flex to work


      private function UpDateChanges():void{


                                              // update mysql database

                                              dgb.chauffeur = chauffeur.text;

                                              dgb.chauffeurtime = chauffeurtime.text;

                                              dgb.typeofvehicle = typeofvehicle.text;

                                              dgb.cost = cost.text;

                                              dgb.gratuity = gratuity.text;

                                              dgb.vehiclewasuse = vehiclewasuse.text;

                                              dgb.numberofpassengers = numberofpassengers.text;

                                              dgb.passengernames = passengernames.text;


      updateBookingsResult.token = bookingsService.commit();



                                              // close the window