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    Display/Screen Quirks


      Dear All,

      New machine, nice and fast, but there is a quirk in the display with in Photoshop I would welcome help with. When I click on a layer to move it about, the display within the Photoshop window flickers. Sometimes, when I click on a layer, the whole image, inside the photoshop window, gose blacl. By clicking on the another layer, in the layer panel, the image will reappear.

      Any suggestions?


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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Let me guess...


          Windows 8, an ATI graphics card, yes?


          1.  Check AMD's web site for the latest 13.3 beta driver (13.3 beta 3 at the time of this writing).  Install that.


          2.  If you still have the problem after updating the driver, go into Photoshop's preferences, [Advanced Setttings], and change the Drawing Mode to Basic.  Restart Photoshop after making this change.



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            savispud Level 1

            I used the device manager to check that the driver was up to date and it was.

            I use CS5 couldn't see [advanced settings] or the drawing mode.

            Thanks for the reply

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              savispud Level 1

              I found the [advanced settings] and changeing the setting of the drawing mode to basic solved the problem. Shame I can't use the graphic cards full potential.

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                Noel Carboni Level 8

                Just FYI...


                The drivers you get through the Windows Device Manager are not necessarily the latest available, nor the best for use with Photoshop.


                The device manufacturers occasionally put certain versions through the Windows Hardware Quality Labs testing process, and you will get that via the Device Manager.


                The same manufacturer will generally have more up-to-date driver versions available from their own web site - hence my mention of the AMD web site for ATI products.


                We know, around here, from testing that the ATI Catalyst 13.3 beta 3 driver is actually pretty good with Photoshop.  No other version since Catalyst 12.8 worked well with Photoshop - INCLUDING several that were put through the WHQL process.



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                  savispud Level 1

                  I downloaded a utility from the AMD site which assured me that my driver was up to date. The page for ATI Catalyst 13.3 beta 3 suggest that it is compatible.

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                    Noel Carboni Level 8

                    The question is, up to date with what?  Latest WHQL release?  No good.  Latest ATI release?  No good.  That's the problem when ATI fails to release good drivers, and they have been failing badly (with regard to Photoshop) since August of last year.


                    What do the lines in Photoshop's Help - System Info display say?  They look something like this (which is what I see with Catalyst 13.3 beta 3):


                    Driver Version:

                    Driver Date: 20130318000000.000000-000


                    Note that there is no correllation between what they call the version and the version string in the code.  Nothing if not confusing, eh? 



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                      savispud Level 1

                      Thanks for the suggestion. I have been between computers so I have not had time to take up your suggestions. One thing that makes me nervous about messing with the video driver is the prospect of being faced with a blank screen. For my many sins I went for Windows 8 and it seems to be difficult to boot into the Safe Mode with W8.

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                        Noel Carboni Level 8

                        I describe how to tame Windows 8 and make it work hard for you in my "Configure the Windows 8 'To Work' Options" book.  One of my favorite tips (from the book) is to make the Windows Boot Manager screen show for a few seconds during each bootup, ensuring you'll always have an ample opportunity to press F8.





                        To See the Above Screen for 5 Seconds During Every Bootup:


                        • Start a CMD window and enter these commands:


                        BCDEDIT  /set  {bootmgr}  displaybootmenu  yes

                        BCDEDIT  /timeout  5