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    looping my comp




      I have a simple animation in my comp for 5 sec long. Then, I take this comp into another comp (15 sec long) to apply Time Remapping and expression (LoopOut(Type="Cycle", numkeyframes=0).


      I moved one frame backward and then set the last keyframe to 0. Expand my comp to fit the duration of the timeline. This will loop my 5 sec to 15 sec duration of my new comp.


      My question is if I need to delete the last keyframe that is suggested from some sites.

      I tired to delete the last keyframe. Once I did that, the timeline at this frame is not showing what is supposed to show before.

      Now I keep the last keyframe. Since it works, I think it's ok. Not sure if this the rigth way to do so.

      Any ideas?