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    Plugin or function similar to "Truncate Silence"

    abUSER23 Level 1

      In various audio apps, like Audacity there is a function called "Truncate Silence" this uses various parameters to set limits on amplitude of the wave.. when it is under the threshold it simple removes that data.


      This is extremely good for making tutorials, as you can speak naturally, take time to think and the truncate silence will remove these pauses and the flow of your speaking sounds like it is smooth and continual.


      The question is.. is there some kind of function like this in Adobe, or a 3rd party plugin or any way, that I might be able to do the same type affect, but also cut the video at the same points the wav is edited.


      At the moment I spend most of my time after the recording zoomed into the video using the cut tool to trim out these pauses.. if there was a truncate silence type effect that also cut the video AND the audio, this increase my productivity a million fold.


      Thanks in advance

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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5

          That is a fairly easy task in Adobe Audition.


          You merely select a portion of the audio that has no music or speaking, just room tone, and then you Shift-P to capture the noise print.


          Then Ctrl-Shift-P to call up the dialog box. Click on "Select Entire File" and click Apply.

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            Richard M Knight Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            That just removes the silence it doesn't cut out the section, it does't do anything with the video.

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              hbernhard Level 1

              You most likely want a noise gate (HW, VST plugin, etc.)


              Maybe the dynamics effect (autogate function) in PPro is already sufficient for your purpose.


              If you are on a PC and you have an VST-Host there is a free download -->http://noise-gate.en.softonic.com/

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                abUSER23 Level 1

                I understand people are trying to help.. but dose annoying READ the question...


                I am NOT talking about truncating silence in a audio file. This is incredibly easy.


                I am talking about the same process on a VIDEO that HAS audio. And instead of cutting just the audio it also cuts and deletes the segments from the  video...

                So as i said in the title and in the first post I am looking for a effect or plugin that is like Truncate Audio.. but works on video files.

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  What I usually do is make the voice-over, and yes, there are moments when a certain phrase just comes out wrong, so I redo that one and then continue. I do make notes during the recording whether #2 or # 4 is the better one. Then place the whole voice-over in the timeline and razor it into smaller pieces, deleting the bad #2 and only keeping the correct # 4, etc.  That way allows me to move each sentence to the location I want, since it is not linked to the video and gives me the time for reflection between sentences that you mentioned. Don't know if that is the quickest and best way, but that is how I do it. In your specific case, you may want to import audio only to a separate track, do your editing on that unlinked audio and then mute the original linked audio.

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                    al_bergstein Level 1

                    I'Ve used pr 5.5, 6.0, FCP 7, and Vegas pro. I've neverseen a tool for video NLEs like that, though I know what you are describing. It's a great idea. Should be something Boris works on. Anyone going to NAB might mention it. I'd pay money to get such a tool.

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                      Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                      Ah, I understand what you want.


                      The way that is done, unfortunately, is that people do I what I suggested, and then when they bring it into Premiere Pro, they can easily see the silent portions, and manually remove them by cutting at the beginning and the end of the silense, and then using Ripple Delete.


                      Now that you mention it, that would be a pretty cool effect. I might just have to put in a feature request myself for that.


                      The problem is that the way they did it at Lynda.com when I did the Premiere Pro 1.5 tutorials, is that when I made an error or wanted to start over, I just stopped talking for a few seconds then resumed. That way they knew that they needed to pay attention to the pauses because some action was required. So now that I edit my own tutorials, I do the same thing. So eliminating the silence would eliminate the indication that something needed to be done - ussually something needed to be cut out.