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    Key Features Missing?


      I can't seem to find a few key features that I beleive should be in FormsCentral:

      - formated field for phones and SSN [like it has for Date]

      - a dictionary to add words to

      - an alingment, snap-to-grid, capability for text boxes, others.

      - Centering for form titles, etc.

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          GuanshuaiQiao Level 1

          - We have a "Formatted Text " field, users can typing any type of value(number, date, currency, symbol....), but it will be treated as "text", not a specific field for phone or SSN.


          - There's a "Spell Checking" feature under My Perferences option. when misspelled words, the word will be marked as red line, and showing a "spelling suggestions" tooltip to let user to choose which words is correct. when you click" is OK always", the misspelled words has been added to spelling list, but there's no dictionary to add words by yourself.


          - At present, FC don't support "snap-to-grid" . There's a field label alignment(top/left/right) function in form authoring, and text alignment(center/left/right) in view response tab. And also, you can insert text box in view response tab.


          - There're four alignment for form title in Design tab toolbar, left, right, center, justify align.


          You can find more features help on the link http://help.adobe.com/en_US/formscentral/using/index.html