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    Problems with Flash Player


      A couple of weeks ago, I posted a discussion here but didn't receive any quality help. I've been unable to watch any videos what so ever on my computer since then. I tried watching a video that told me I needed a new updated plugin so I went to the adobe site and downloaded the new version. This failed to work. I tried fully uninstalling flash player from my computer so I could reinstall it and see if that would work; it didn't. I tried this several times, and after I tried a few more times, I went to the troubleshooting page and did everything it said to do, but nothing worked. I checked in my computer and I have the necessary files for flash player like I should, but I still get a message when I try to watch videos saying I have no plugin.  I went back to adobe to try to reinstall it AGAIN, and now, there's no download button. 


      I've tried everything I can think of, I've tried things other people on the internet have tried, I did all the troubleshooting instructions,  and my first post on here only received one comment, and it was not helpful because all it was, was a link to the troubleshooting page. I'm really frustrated with this because my laptop isn't good for anything anymore. Now I can't even look at pictures or facebook because now it doesn't say I need an updated version, it says I have NO flash player at all. I really need help here because I'm ready to trash this laptop, and it's an expensive one, so I feel like I shouldn't have these problems.


      I have a Macbook pro with Mac OS X version 10.5.6 (I know I need to update it). I need help ASAP. Thank you.