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    Clarification on services-config.xml files for RemoteObject services

    Constantin Ehrenstein
      I am currently preparing an AMFPHP environment for exchanging data with Flex and AIR applications. I can connect to the services via Netconnection, but using RemoteObject won't work.

      Documentation for the necessary configuration files (services-config.xml, remoting-config.xml and the like) is, um, sparse and seems to be slightly incorrect or misleading at times.

      So I'm looking for clarification about
      changes in the syntax of services-config.xml · in examples for Flex 2.01, there are "class" attributes with values beginning with "flex.", in Flex 3 examples the attribute name has changed to "type", values beginning with "flex." have mostly vanished and been replaced with similar looking values beginning with "mx.". Are "flex." and "mx." prefixes interchangable?

      correct syntax for linking other files into services-config.xml · the livedocs state that Adobe prefers linking files into services-config.xml (using something like <service-include file-path="remoting-config.xml"/>) instead of defining all service parameters there. But in the example from the Flex 2.01 livedocs, the root element of the service-config.xml file is <services> instead of <services-config>. Assuming that <services> is meant as a child of the <services-config> root element, there seems to be a mandatory <service> child element missing. That's either intended, illogical, and misleading, or simply erroneous.

      which classes are still valid in Flex 3, which have changed? · Most of the examples for using RemoteObjects out there are for FlexBuilder 2 (e.g. here) and don't seem to work with FlexBuilder 3 Beta 2. But there is no statement to be found in the Flex 3 documentation about what has changed.

      a meaningful example for services-config.xml · In the Flex 3 Beta 2 documentation here are plenty of references to using services-config.xml, as I can find even information about the ServerConfig class in the ActionScript 3 Language Reference, a sort of wrapper class for the information provided in service-config.xml, but there is no information about what constitutes a working service-config.xml configuration (which XML tags of what names containing what attributes need to be present).

      As I'd really like to create cutting-edge Flex and AIR OCC applications, I'm eager to have those ambiguities clarified.

      Best regards,