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    Pre-process a page before sending

      Is there anyway to preprocess a before it leave the server.

      The situation is that we have pages of static content with hundreds of glossary links in. The glossary details are stored ina a DB. title attributes are being used to display a word's meaning and I want a quick way to scan a page before it loads, and add in the glossary definitions - any ideas?
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          Dan Bracuk Level 5
          What glossary defintions do you want to add and where would you add them? If it's something added to an html or cfm page, read the source code.
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            robnollie Level 1
            The pages are all .cfm pages with static text in. The glossary is stored in a DB.

            Definitions are added to the page via the title attribute of a <strong> tag e.g. <strong title="aka skaskdalskd aklak dlk asldk al dkalkdlaksdlkas dlka slkalsdalksd lakjsdlakj sdlka ldka sldka lskd laksj dlad">Word</strong> (this is runing on an intranet so on IE Explorer is used and they display fine) but there are hundredsof definitions and thousands of places where the definitions are used. And they keep adding. So is there a way to pre-process the page, prior to it loading. Or do we need to run a script each time the glossary DB is updated to search for terms and add in the definition?