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    Moving objectS

      How can i move objects from state to state ?? I mean the Move effect in xml. I can't have a lot of instances of the Move effect in one Parallel tag. So how can i make 3-4-5 objects to move (they're separated from eachother) in different directions and positions??

      With this source i get an error "In initializer for 'effect': multiple initializer values for target type mx.effects.Effect."
      <mx:Transition id="autorEffect" fromState="firstPage" toState="autor">
      <mx:Move target="{animeButton}" xFrom="236" xBy="5" xTo="30" yFrom="514" yBy="5" yTo="10"/>
      <mx:Move target="{autorButton}" xFrom="485" xBy="5" xTo="10" yFrom="80" yBy="5" yTo="10"/>

      Please help . I can't figure with as3 how can i move XML button..