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    Change numerical field value

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      I have created a form with three numerical fields for a price list.

      They have a predefined value.

      price.01 = 600

      price.02 = 500

      price.03 = 1200


      I want to create some buttons to change the values of their numerical fields.


      var price = this.getField("price.01").value;

      price = 750;


      This code should change the value for the price.01 field to 750 but nothing happens.


      The second  task is very simple. Calculate the sum of the three numerical fields.

      I have created a fourth field and at the calculate tab I have choosen them into the automatic function sum.

      Again nothing happens.


      Is there anything that I am missing?

      A refresh screen function should be added?


      any help would be appreciated

      (using acrobat 9 pro)