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      Hi everyone!


      I have 2 question regarding licensing:


      I am currently using Flash CS6 with the annual license of 19.99$ a month.


      My first question is - Can i make commercial use of the producs (apps, games...) that I make using this license?


      The second question - What is the difference (except price obviously)  between the 2 types of licenses subscription (the one I'm using), and full (which currently costs 699 $).



      Thank you!

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          1) Yes, you certainly can


          2) I am not aware of a subscription that costs $699.  I believe you are talking about buying the (full) software rather than a subscription for it (or an upgrade version).  The difference between the subscription version versus the purchase version (full/upgrade) will be that the subscription is likely to be updated periodically as new features are added while the purchase version is not.

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            Sason922 Level 1

            Thanks for the quick answer!


            Another thing, is buying the full software grant license for life or something like that...?

            If not, what's the point in buying it..?

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Yes, when you buy the full version (or an upgrade) you are buying a lifetime license... just be aware that at some point over your lifetime you might run out of computers that are capable of running such old software... and technical support will have died off long before that.

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                Sason922 Level 1

                Thanks again for the answer!


                I'm asking about buying the full version because I'm workign with people from different countries, and some some them (say in Israel) are unable to buy the 19.99 $ subscription, only the full version.


                Would you happen to know if the 19.99 $ is specific to a certain country or region? Or it may just be a bug in the Adobe online store?

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                  Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Regardless of which version you buy, you should be able to work with the people wherever they are and whatever they own.  With the exception that the subscription version might have features added that the purchased versions will not, as long as such features are avoided, then there should not be a compatibility problem.


                  One thing about buying is that your access to the software never ends.  If you buy the subscription, when your subscription ends, so does your ability to use the software.


                  I do not know an answer to your last question?  You could try contacting Adobe Customer Support or Sales - if they are at all contactable.

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                    Sason922 Level 1

                    "if they are at all contactable" haha


                    Thanks a lot Ned