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    ENCORE CS6 gives error message during the burning of Blu-ray Disc

    John CS6

      I did it again - upgraded my Production Premium CS5 to CS6.

      I will not forget CS4 that never came to work. It was not a workable version, but at best an Alfa or maybe Beta version.

      I was therefore naturally afraid to upgrade my reasonably well functioning CS5 version, but did it anyway.


      My fears kept unfortunately connectors. Audition CS6 scratchy and crunches a lot when I change Audio Device from MME to ASIO. It should be noted, that none of my other programs have this problem neither my Soundbooth nor Audition 5.5 which I fortunately still have installed. So it is only Audition CS6 that crunches with ASIO4ALL.


      Encore CS6 is also a problem child. When I try to burn a Blu-ray Disc I get, in the final phase, following error message: Blu-ray Error: "device error", Code: "CreateStcSequence: Fail to write M2S file"


      Fortunately, I can open the project file in my Encore CS5, which do not have the same problem. Encore CS6 cannot be used as a standalone application - I still need to have a previous version installed to complete my projects. It is not fair.


      Unfortunately I can see that many others have the same problem. Even worse, however, that Adobe still has not come with an update or fair solution of the problem - after so long.


      It annoys me infinitely, I every time have to spend so much time on the Internet in an attempt to find solutions to remedy Adobe problems. These are programs I have paid dearly for - exactly twice as much as others living in the U.S. pay - just because I live in Europe.


      If there is a user who has some useful suggestions I would appreciate it very much.


      I must complain about my bad English.


      Thank you in advance.